The best way to someone’s heart is through their stomach; A guide on how to feed your valentine this year

Morgan Bond, Staff Reporter

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   Valentine’s day is quickly approaching, and even though teddy bears, and cute posters, and flowers are great, your valentine is still going to be hungry. So, for 2018 let’s make a promise to feed our significant others, and let me be your guide to keep this promise.

   The first thing people worry about when trying to give their significant others some food is price. Buying food doesn’t have to have to be expensive. My job is to tell you how to get food that will make you and your partner happy and not break your pockets.

   The cheapest option is finding out what your significant other likes and just surprising them with their favorite fast food. Not even just fast food. But, surprise them with their favorite breakfast or lunch while they’re at work. If your person loves Big Macs get them a Big Mac, if they love sushi, get sushi. If they love Denny’s pancakes but they don’t have the time wake up a little early then get them their blueberry pancakes. With this the price range it would be approx. $3-$12.7

   The second thing you can do is order food and just eat in with your babe. Maybe you guys are both really busy and you two just want a chance to relax and enjoy each other’s company. Light some candles get plenty of blankets and pillows and put on their favorite movie. Then, order some Chinese food, or some pizza. Just make sure that whatever you order is something you both like to eat. Yes, relationships are about sacrifice but Valentine’s day dining is not the time. Everyone deserves to be happy this day. The price range for this is about $13- $25.

If you want to go all out for your  partner because they make you happy, and the relationship is great; then they deserve the “ Make a wish foundation” package.  I mean no budget, anything they want, “ Their wish is my desire.” With this, I highly recommend taking them out. But don’t take them to just any place. Take them somewhere where they have to dress up. Maybe some live music. I recommend Sullivan’s Steakhouse, or Firebirds Wood Fired Grill. These  places are infamously expensive but they’re worth it. I’ve had the lamb at Sullivan’s and it was amazing.  The price range for these types of places can range anywhere between $50-$150+.

Here’s just some simple things. Different people may react differently. But, at least you get some food out of it.

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The best way to someone’s heart is through their stomach; A guide on how to feed your valentine this year