Historical meeting between North and South Korea

Kevin Getz, Photo Editor

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  On January 2nd North and South Korea negotiators meet in a demilitarized zone of Panmunjom where talks of having North Korean athletes compete in the 2018 winter Olympics. This has importance because 0f a little over a year of tension due to North Korea’s growing nuclear program and tests being so close to South Korea.

   In addition to the athletes participating in the games, North Korea will also send a cheering squad and a performing arts group to the Olympics but recent developments have come through saying that both Korea’s for women’s ice hockey will be put under one unified flag which would be the first time since world war 2. It’s been eight years since North Korea has participated in the winter Olympics, but North Korea has been to every summer Olympics since 1972 except in 1984 and 1988 where they were held in Seoul, South Korea and Los Angeles. The North Korea not only disapproved the 1988 Olympics, where they allegedly tried to sabotage the games by putting a bomb on a plane, but denoting it killing all 115 on board. 

   This deal has caused some backlash in South Korea. With the South Korean president, Moon Jae approval rating dropping and demonstrators in Seoul with shouting “we oppose,” and burning posters of the North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. North Korean advance team recently scouted out the area of south Korea for the upcoming games

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Historical meeting between North and South Korea