Twitter Locates Violent Protesters During the Charlottesville Protests

White supremacist coward in fear in front of counter protester

White supremacist coward in fear in front of counter protester

@BAG TY_ on Twitter

@BAG TY_ on Twitter

White supremacist coward in fear in front of counter protester

Nayette Windley, Staff Reporter

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During the summer, a group of white nationalists gathered for a “Unite The Right” rally at the University of Virginia. The protests began on Friday, Aug. 11, with the members of the ¨alt-right¨ carrying lit up torches chanting “You will not replace us!” Later that night the members of the rally were met by a smaller group containing people of color counter protesting. The mingling of the two groups quickly turned ugly as the white nationalists began taunting the black protesters by making monkey noises and chanting “White lives matter!” During the second day of the protests many horrific fights broke out as the increased racial tension continued. One white nationalist ran his car through a group of protesters resulting in him killing one and injuring 19.


President Donald Trump, in the midst of the chaos happening in Virginia, took to Twitter to say, “We ALL must be united & condemn all that hate stands for. There is no place for this kind of violence in America. Let’s come together as one!” Following his tweet, President Trump held a conference to discuss the happenings in Charlottesville. “We condemn in the strongest possible terms this egregious [outstandingly bad;shocking] display of hatred, bigotry, and violence on many sides…on many sides.”


Celebrities of all types responded to the protests and President Trump through social media. Actor Chris Evans tweeted “ MANY SIDES?!? I’ve typed and deleted 8 tweets. Words simply aren’t strong enough to accurately describe how I feel about Donald Trump.” Actress, singer, and dancer Zendaya, also tweeted out “ CALL IT WHAT IT IS. IT. IS. TERRORISM,” in response to the violence that white nationalists were displaying.


Twitter and other social media weren’t just used to show the apparent disgust that most had against the violence happening in Virginia. Activist Shaun King , and others, with the help of Twitter, tracked down a white supremacist who beat down a black protester after Virginia police failed to find the man, according to Mashable, an entertainment and media news site. Also according to Mashable, Twitter users helped locate other white supremacists who acted violently at the protests and got them fired from their jobs.


While it has been a few weeks since the protests have ended, A.I. students are no stranger to social media so it would be nearly impossible for them to have  missed the protests that occurred during the summer. Since  A.I. is  so racially diverse and open, it’s no surprise that  they all have an opinion on the matter.


Niyah Padin, a senior at A.I was outraged by the way the white nationalist conducted themselves. “It’s disgusting. Sickening,” said Padin.


“White people are crazy,” said freshman Georgia-May Craig, who was appalled by the white nationalists’ acts of violence.


Senior and Twitter activist, Rose Evans called white nationalists a “terrorist organization” stating they intend “to inflict harm on whole races of other people just because of race.” Maybe someday the “alt-right” can exercise their right to protest without harming others so students like Evans don’t feel the urge to “want to punch a Nazi.”

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Twitter Locates Violent Protesters During the Charlottesville Protests