The class of 2017 will be missed by staff

Lizzie deBrabander, Staff Reporter

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The 2016-17 school year is coming to a close and soon the seniors will be walking out of Alexis I. duPont’s doors for the final time. After spending up to four years at a school, surely some students are curious about the impressions they left on the staff here.
I asked a handful of teachers and administrators who know the seniors if they had any final thoughts, feelings, or memories that they wanted to share about the senior class. Some responses were amusing, others were heartfelt.
Matthew Phelps, who teaches Spanish, humorously said, “I love the class of 2017. I smile every time I see one of them. Unfortunately, they don’t see my smile because they are always looking at their phones.”
After a lot of consideration, Charles Schneider, one of the business teachers, stated, “The thing I will miss regarding the seniors is their leadership around the building. This gives the juniors the opportunity to step up and take the lead.”
Similarly, the assistant principal, Martin Cresci, expressed, “I’m sad to see the seniors leave, but there might be some I’m not sad about. It’s a time of passing- for seniors to pass the baton to the juniors.”
The principal communicated, “I think the class of 2017 went through a lot this year, especially in the beginning,” Kevin Palladinetti said in reference to the passing of one senior. “But they definitely stood together and showed grit and determination.”
It’s clear that the senior class is loved and will be missed by the teachers and administrators alike.

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The class of 2017 will be missed by staff