Another Fail for Trump Administration?

Simone A. Scott, Features Editor

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   Our newly elected president, Donald Trump made his second attempt to carry out an executive order this year. On March 24th, Congress was set to vote on Obamacare and its repealing, but the plan fell short. For months, President Trump has voiced his and others’ opinion on the Affordable Care Act and its negatives, stating things like “Obamacare is collapsing… action is not a choice – it is a necessity,”.

   The Trump administration had proposed a new healthcare system to replace the Affordable Care Act.

   According to CNN, in order for the repeal to come to light 216 seats in the House would have needed to pass the proposal, and that is if all the seats were filled. Republicans hold 237 seats in the House of Representatives.  This new healthcare system would’ve given people with pre-existing health conditions guaranteed access to health insurance, according to CNBC, along with giving people who pay for their own coverage tax credits and flexibility with the design of their coverage and legal reforms to bring down the cost of high priced drugs.

   According to CNBC,  Trump’s Secretary of Department of Health and Human Services, Tom Price, said “Trump reassured the American people that help is on the way for those who are suffering as a result of the Affordable Care Act.”

   In an article on CNN, it was estimated that, “24 million fewer Americans would be covered under this bill than under Obamacare by 2026 if the bill is enacted in its current form,”. 

According to the New York Times, on the day of Congress’s vote, the President and Paul Ryan decided to withdraw the bill.

Ryan stated in a press conference later that day, “ We came really close today, but we came up short”.

Trump told a journalist in the Oval Office that Republicans were 15 votes short of what they needed.

A major reason for the failed repeal is due to the fact that conservative members in House wanted more aggressive steps taken to “…lower and to dismantle federal regulation of insurance products,” according to the New York Times.  

The democratic party was very pleased with the outcome of March 24th. The same day, the House Democratic Leader, Nancy Pelosi stated in a press conference the failed Health Care repeal was victory for the American people.    

According to CNBC, after Trump’s failed attempt, Hillary Clinton also tweeted, “ Today was a victory for all Americans.” 

A repeal of our current healthcare plan  won’t be tried again, the Republican party is done with shutting down Obamacare right now and plans to focus on other issues apparently, according to the New York Times.  

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Another Fail for Trump Administration?