Violations of Civil Rights Abroad Overshadowed by Trump chaos in the US

Here are two jarring examples.

Angelica Casey, Editor-In-Chief

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Oftentimes in the United States, the rights given to women, people of color and the lgbtq+ community seem like barely enough for liberals and too much for conservatives. It’s often difficult to wrap one’s head around the idea of people worldwide being denied the same rights that most Americans take for granted.

Radical liberals  often take civil liberties for granted as they push for more protection and more rights for slighted minorities. In the U.S., after eight years of the first black president, we are on a road to destruction through repeating the past. Despite advances in human rights in the United States, the federal government is trying to take away hard-fought battles like gay marriage and affirmative action.

In order to understand and appreciate the history of the social rights we have and continue to fight for, we need to understand American history and pay attention to worldwide issues that happen in countries that don’t have the same basic human rights that are afforded to us as Americans. It’d be dangerous to disregard the violations of rights in foreign countries.

Currently in the news, most importantly on the quickfire social media platform known as Twitter, the story of a Saudi Arabian woman who stole familial funds to escape her abusive family was being live-tweeted by tens of people that turned into thousands. The hashtag #SaveDinaAli spread like wildfire, telling her story. Ali had stolen money to fly to Australia for asylum. When her flight landed in the Philippines, Filipino authorities surprisingly detained her and contacted her family. Her uncles flew to Manila, to beat her and drag her in sheets to a flight back to Saudi Arabia, where Twitter users knew that her fate would be death due to Saudi traditions of seeing women as possessions of men. A post by feminist activist, Alexis Moncada, @lexi4prez, quoted a Saudi woman that had direct messaged Alexis that told her about the strict traditions in her home country that ban women from driving, becoming doctors, go to work or school for fear of bringing shame to their family. Oftentimes, if a woman has committed an error her family fears will stain their name, they’ll commit an “honor killing.” In Ali’s case, upon landing in Saudi Arabia, she was rumored to be framed for theft and is facing criminal charges for simply trying to escape the abuse.

Another ongoing violation of human rights is the supposed construction of concentration camps for homosexuals in Chechnya, Russia. As part of a “non-traditional sexual orientation or suspicion of such,” campaign, over 100 men have been detained. During violent raids, there have been reports of death and inside the ‘camp’ there are reports of electric shock torture, violent beatings, while some have been held for ransom and used to extort their families.

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Violations of Civil Rights Abroad Overshadowed by Trump chaos in the US