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What would you do if you suddenly found yourself in the middle of nowhere after blacking out? The last thing you remember is drinking coffee with a stranger in an airport waiting for your mom and dad. Well, that’s what happens to 16-year-old Gemma Toombs. While at a coffee shop in Bangkok airport waiting for her parents, she meets Tyler “Ty” MacFarlane, an attractive blue-eyed man who happens to drug and kidnap Gemma. In the beginning Gemma refuses to cooperate with McFarlane, whom she is terrified of, but as the story unfolds she begins to fall for her kidnapper, developing Stockholm Syndrome.

“Ty was a very complex character. I never imagined to sympathize with a villain–if he could even be called a villain–much less one who kidnaps people, but Ty was such a sad, tragic character. There were times when I hated him for taking Gemma against her will, but when Gemma found out that she loved him, it was like I was falling for him right along with her. Seriously, it was like I was getting Stockholm Syndrome too! Lucy Christopher knows just how to mess with your mind,” said young adult author, Maggie Steifvater.

I highly recommend this book. The way Lucy Christopher depicts the story of young Gemma is both exciting and relatable. Throughout the book as you learn more about MacFarlane as you too begin to succumb to his charms, his once malicious malevolent vibe soon turns into a soft nurturing feeling as if even though he is a grown man you feel the need to shelter and protect him due to the hard life he has lived.


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