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Question: Did you know there’s an online version of the school newspaper? If yes, how did you know?


Elvia Bernabe (11): No.

Raycheal Ringold (11): No.

Lisa Meng (11): No.

Brian Ortega (11): No.

Lisa Chang (12): No.

Zuhrye Lenoir (11): No.

Alexa Dimiris (11): No.

Cazuree Smith (11): No.

Rose Evans (11): No.

Sarah Townsend (12): Yes. I knew because of previous students.

Isra Chaudhry (11): Yes. I knew because Mrs. Minnich has the website written on her board.

Gabby Andersen (11): Yes. I knew because of kids in the band who would write articles, such as Ethan Kinderman.

Andi Bernans (10): Yes. I found out my freshman year by clicking around on the A.I. website.

Miranda Burton (10): Yes. I found out because of Haley but I never read it.

Shreemaan Patel (11): Yes. I was on the school website and I found it.

Dena Dawood (10): Yes. I usually go on the AIHS website a lot so I just stumbled across it before.

Lauren Savage (11): Yes. I knew because I was in journalism last year.

Julia Pacelli (11): Yes. I knew because I was in journalism last year.

Agastina Genovesio (12): Yes. I found out from Rachel Widom.

Ava Damiani (10): Yes. I did know because I think they might’ve done an announcement on it last year.

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