A.I. Talent Show makes waves

Simone A. Scott, Features Editor

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A.I. High just recently had its 2nd Annual Talent Show on Friday, January 20th. The show started at 6:30pm and a lot of students showed up to support the acts. The show was inspired by students who wanted to give to their community and share with others their talent.  All donations that were accepted at the show went to help students and their families.

There were many different acts that perform that night at the talent show. One of the crowd favorite performers was Kristen Spendio, junior, she danced in the show.

“ It was a great experience and it was great to see what talent the school has to offer.” Spendio said.

The talent show had multiple signing acts like, Agostina Genovesio who was applauded for her singing, Genovesio gave her rendition of, Grammy award winning singer, Adele’s “All I ask”, and Davon Sims sang the 90’s hit “Song For Your Mama” by Boys II Men. Emily Riad is a sophomore who sung with images behind her.

Alexander Carbajal or Alz debuted his original Rap song “ Dough Boy”. His performance was so well liked that the crowd started to sing along with him towards the end of the song.

The A.I. high talent show showcased other talents like, senior, Megan Shockley who played Ukulele while singing John Legend’s new song “Love Me Now”.  Seniors, Shemar Parker, Jan Castro, and Stephen Bairstow performed their own mash-up of populars songs. Castro was on guitar, Bairstow on bass, and Parker on drums.

Jack Betsch, senior, strummed his guitar playing “Suda” by Chon and sophomore, Destiny Parker played “ The River Runs Through” on piano.

The talent show even featured bilingual acts like, junior, Anthony Vasquez who performed his Spanish rap, “Sobrino”.

The year’s talent show raised over $500 dollars, Food and Clothes were also given to support the cause. Last year, the show only raised a little over 100 dollars and a smaller amount of food & clothes were given.  It’s safe to say that this year’s show was a success.

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A.I. Talent Show makes waves