2017 Expectations and Goals

Anyah Ryan, Roving Reporter

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Ki’Shid Hayman, Grade 11:

Goal:  “To be happy this year and have all good things happen to me and my friends and family.”

Expectation: “To get a car so I can have more freedom.”

Dr. Raymond, Administrator:

Goal: “To be as healthy as I can.”

Expectation: “I hope 2017 is fun. It’s gonna be a good year for developing good relationships with students and/or people.”

Jessica Bedolla, Grade 12:

Goal: “My goal is to graduate and go to college.”

Expectation: “For Donald Trump to be a good president.”

Marissa Gunter, Grade 12:

Goal: “My goal for 2017 is to graduate and go to a good college.”

Expectation: “I hope this year turns out to be a good year.”

Kerrion Watkins, Grade 11:

Goal: “My goal is to have a car with my license by my birthday and pass my junior year without summer school.”

Expectation: “My expectations are to finish school with good and passing grades.

Aronde Dillard, Grade 11:

Goal: My goal for 2017 is to be the best guy that anybody could know.

Expectation: “My expectation is to go into 2018 alive and well with all my friends and family.”

Angelic Coates, Grade 11:

Goal: “I wanna get good grades and pass to go into the next grade.”

Expectation: “I want to be to better myself.”

Kimberly Montoya, Grade 11:

Goal: “I want to continue in honor roll throughout the school year and to build up and to get distinguished.”

Expectation: “To have a job by the summer and work and get money to save up for things I want and/or need.”

Jesus Guerrero, Grade 11:

Goal: “I want to gain more knowledge about life and try to get stronger mentally.”

Expectation: “For it be a good year.”

Jahmier Lolley, Grade 11:

Goal: “My goal is to get a car…”

Expectation: “To save up for a car.”

Mr. Tabb, Administrator-

Goal: “I want to make more time to spend with my kids and start going to the gym 4 days a week.”

Expectation: “I want my kids to be happier and I want to get back down to my college weight (185 lb) by July.”

Mr. Johnson, Administrator:

Goal: “I want to secure a new contract for my laundry business.”

Expectations: “For my business to make a profit this year.”

Guadalupe Saldivar, Grade 10:

Goal: “My goals for this year is to bring up my grades at least have honer roll like last year and to finish high school and go to college.”

Expectation: “my expectation  is to not get in a lot of trouble in school and to do all my work.”

Marilu Tapia, Grade 10:

Goal: “My goals are to pass all my classes and have great grades.” Expectations: “My expectation is to succeed and go to college in the far future.”

Kenya Gaines, Grade 12:

Goal: “My goal is to get accepted to a lot of colleges.”

Expectation: “My expectation for this year is to continue to get good grades.”

Emmy Ruiz, Grade 10:

Goal: “My goal is to get Honor roll and pass all my classes.”

Expectation: “My expectation is to get a state title in wrestling.”                                                      


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2017 Expectations and Goals