What are members of the A.I. DuPont High School community doing over Winter Break?

Rachel Widom, News Editor

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Jessica Bedolla, 12

“I am trying to go to Tennessee and spend my holidays with the family.”

Mallorie Gunter, 12

“I plan to sleep.”

Marissa Gunter, 12

“I am planning on visiting my family in Lewis, Delaware.”

Sophia Delloso, 12

“I’m going to my grandparents house #turnt.”

Sophia Michael, 12

“I am having a Colombian fiesta and I will be with my family.”

Molly DeJuliis, 11

“I will be hanging out with my family.”

Abbi Merritt, 11

“I am going to hang out with my family on Christmas and go to London with the band.”
John Dicaro, 11

“I am going to London.”

Emma Winward, 12

“I am going to London.”

Mrs. Minnich, Math Teacher

“I’m going to see Wicked on Broadway.”

Sara Schwartz, 11

“I am helping out with my family, working, and sleeping in.”

Ms. Conklin, Spanish Teacher

“I will be spending time with my family.”

Mrs. Smith, Librarian

“I am going to the family farm in Western Pennsylvania to be with my parents.”

Shamar Thompson, 12

“I am going to Lancaster, Pennsylvania and going shopping at the outlets.”

Todd Branch, 12

“I’m going to my grandma’s crib, have dinner and relax because it is the holiday season.”

Dominique Hindsley, 12

“I will be playing video games.”

Davonia Harden, 11

“I will be working.”

Mrs. Blum, English Teacher

“We are going to the Pinstripe Bowl at Yankee Stadium to watch Quadree Henderson play football.”

Hailey McCloskey, 12

“ I am going to Virginia and my mom is getting married over New Year’s.”

Georgia Setting, 11

“I am going to the Poconos.”

Alex Cerque, 11

“I am staying home.”

Michael Stenle, 11

“I will be staying home playing video games and seeing my cousins.”

Jerry Flax, 11

“I am sleeping.”

Cortland Gadison, 11

“I am hanging out with my friends.”

Brianna Ellis, 11

“I will be practicing cheerleading”



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What are members of the A.I. DuPont High School community doing over Winter Break?