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Morgan Bond, Staff Reporter

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Considering that Delaware doesn’t have a football  team, and the NFL Super Bowl is nearing, the AI Tiger Pause team was interested in knowing who do you think would win in the Super Bowl?  The Eagles or the Giants?

Your responses included:

9th grade :

  • “Giants suck, Eagles rule. So, there really isn’t a debate.”-Isaiah Hicks
  • “Eagles already beat the Steelers  and the Giants are way worse than the Steelers so they will be easy to beat.”-Matthew  Chak
  • “If the Giants or the Eagles were to play in the Super Bowl, who would win would depends on the circumstances.The Giants are better, but the Eagles have been known to be lucky from time to time” – Terykah Peak
  • “ I am a Giants fan and they should be able to win becuase the Eagles team has always had a tough time in divisional games which shows  in the league right now. They are 0-2 the division.”-Mares Nauaro

10th grade:

  • “Eagles.”- Danielle Neville
  • “Giants.”-Julia Karschner
  • “Giants.”- Brianna McElwee
  • “Eagles.”-Gia Riley
  • “Eagles.”-Anjali DasE
  • “Eagles.”- Tori Blankenship
  • “Eagles.”-Allie Garcia
  • “Giants.”- Brooklyn Hite
  • “Eagles.”-Dia Dawood
  • “Eagles.”-Hannah Anderson

11th grade:

  • “Giants are trash, Eagles would win.”- Cooper Knox
  • “Giants.”- Heaven Jenkins
  • “Eagles.”-Olivia Amadee
  • “Eagles.”-Andrew Wilson
  • “Eagles.”-Wyatt Gartmwait
  • “Giants.”-Brian Ortega
  • “Giants. Even though I’m an Eagles fan, I’ve lost hope.” -Abigail Merritt
  • “Eagles.”-Molly Dejulius
  • “Eagles.”-Tianna Manzano
  • “Eagles.”-Stephanie Evans
  • “Eagles.”-Jessica Gerber
  • “Eagles.”- Danielle Neville
  • “The Giants.”-Chelsea Tito
  • ‘“The Eagles”- Bresida Arreola

12th grade:

  • “Eagles.”- David Brady
  • “Eagles. “- Rachel Verbanas
  • “Giants.”-Anonymous
  • “Eagles.”-Julio Mendez
  • “Eagles.”-John B
  • “Giants.” Megan Shockley
  • “Giants.”-Danica Zimmerman
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Roving Reporter November Issue