How would you describe your summer?

Anyah Ryan, staff reporter

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Tolani Dada, 10th- “Relaxing is the word I would use to describe my summer. I got to spend my summer with my uncle in California, and I had an amazing time. I also was in different basketball camps throughout the summer.”


Nasir Johnson, 10th- “VERY BORING, is how I describe my summer. I didn’t do anything this summer but ball. The one fun thing I did this summer was go to Dorney Park with my friends, it was fun.”


Aronde Dillard, 10th- “Great. I was able to sleep whenever I wanted. The only interesting thing I did this summer was that I got to spend it with the people I love the most.”


Marilu Tapia, 10th- “I would describe my summer as fun because I went to Mexico for the whole summer. I got to see so much of my family. I wish I could go back.”


Jahmeir Lolley, 10th- “My summer was adventures. I went to Atlanta for a concert. The concert was by Travis Scott. It was lit.”


Kimberly Montoya, 10th- “I would say my summer was good. Me and my brothers found these different colored, weird looking lizards. My brother picked one up, it was gross.


Angelic Coates, 10th- “My summer was awesome. I went to Philly, saw some family, hung out with my cousins. It was pretty fun.”


Tory Blankenship, 10th- “Fun, my summer was fun. I went to Canada with some friends. We went fishing, and just hung out. It was really fun.”


Kenya Gaines, 12th- “My summer was bittersweet.I mostly just played ball, partied. Nothing much.”


Taylor Howell, 10th- “My summer was very relaxing. I went to the beach with my family. I had tons of fun. If summer was still here I would go back.”


JaVon Gaspy, 10th- ”My summer was typical. I did the usual, went to work, sat around the house, hung out with friends. Nothing much.”


Edmond Triplett, 10th- “One word to describe my summer would probably be interesting. I mostly played basketball and chilled with my bros.”


James Naylor, 10th- “My summer was jumping. I went all over the  country for football camp. Doing what I love most.”


Marcos Nunez, 10th- “My summer was boring. I was bored this summer. I didn’t do much. I went to New York with my family for a couple weeks. I went to a water park. I don’t remember what water park but I do remember it was far.”


Jennifer Corona, 10th- “I didn’t do much of anything this summer. Just stayed home and helped my mom with the new baby, saw some family. I would say my summer was fun overall. I was pretty occupied, so i wasn’t bored.”


English Teacher, Mr. Leonard- “I would say my summer was awesome overall. What made it awesome was the fact that I got married, it was a country themed wedding in a barn. It was a DIY (do it yourself) wedding. We went to Disney World for our honeymoon. So pretty awesome, if you ask me.”


English Teacher, Ms. Regester- “I would describe my summer as very busy. I worked at Wilmington University campus and I will be teaching there this fall.”                                                           


Kishid Hayman, 11th- “It was frickin lit. I didn’t do nothing but sleep, went to church like three times. So frickin lit is what I would use to describe my summer.”


Administrator, Mr. Johnson- “I would describe my summer to be very fun. I went to Orlando, Florida for my son’s basketball tournament, went to Disney World. Also, had two family reunions.


Administrator, Mr. Tabb- “It was short. I spent a week in Canada with my family. I hung out with some friends. Went to a lot of different restaurants. Went whale watching with my wife and kids.


Mr. Young- “I had an outstanding summer. I went to Niagara Falls in early July. I had my 20th anniversary with my wife. In August I went to the Bahamas. And I recently had a granddaughter.


Librarian, Ms. Smith- “It was marvelous, I took a road trip to Mount Rushmore. Drove through 5 new states. Stayed at my family farm for 5 weeks. I read a few good books.


Health Teacher, Mrs. Mattei-”It was amazing. I went to Jamaica with my family. Went to the beach, the pool. I went camping. Did some gardening. And had some time to hang out with friends and family.”


Jose Aguilar, 10th- “My summer was boring. The most interesting thing I did go to the beach with my family. It was fun, I can’t wait for next summer to go back.”


Miriam Tellez, 11th- “I didn’t do that much this summer. I just hung out with friends and family. I wasn’t bored so that’s good. But i would describe it to be fun.”


BMS Teacher, Mr. Vankerkhoven- “I would describe my summer to be very complex. Me and my family suffered a lost, which took up half of my summer. Then me and my family spent the last couple weeks of summer planning and traveling.”


Jacob Lane, 10th- “I would say my summer was interesting. I went to Boston, the beach. I played some sports like: basketball, football, and soccer.”


Esaias Guthrie, 10th- “My summer was crazy. I mostly went to parties. I think I went to about 10 parties this summer.”


Maria Perez, 10th- “My summer was good. I went to some family events, hung out with my cousins, and went to a water park. Kinda can’t wait for next summer to come.”


Chad Jones, 10th- “My summer was busy. I mostly did football camps all this summer.”


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How would you describe your summer?