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Angelica Casey and Cooper Tatman

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Last Name First Name College/Plans
Agwu Noah University of Maryland Eastern Shore
Amalfitano Nikki West Virginia University
Ameen Aisha’ Jamila Delaware Technical Community College
Andrews Scott Wilmington University
Andrews Scott Wilmington University
Armstrong Chandler Undecided
Aviles-alicea Jomar Delaware Technical Community College
Bachman Samantha University of Delaware
Bacigalupi Jonathan Nova Southern University
Bacigalupi David University of Delaware
Badson Aria Desiree Delaware State University  
Barcenas Yesika Delaware Technical Community College
Barnes Mark University of Delaware
Barrera- Lopez Alondra Undecided
Batista Jeremiah U.S. Navy
Beck Bayard University of Delware
Beck Samantha Delaware Technical Community College
Bessel Jenna DelTech Seed to UD
Bowen Abagail Trinity University
Brady Sarah University of Delaware
Breece Jasmine Ithaca College
Brown Janaijah Delaware Technical Community College
Brown Mesheik Lincoln University
Brown Emma University of South Carolina
Brown Janaijah Delaware State University
Burcham Kelsey University of Delaware
Burton Thomas Wesley College
Carbine Caitlin Deltech Seed to University of Delaware
Carter Chetor Delaware State University
Cavan Chelsea Delaware Technical Community College
Chambers Haley University of Delaware
Christiana Tommy California
Collins Ameena American University
Conly David University of Delaware
Constantini Alexandra University of Delaware
Cordova-Alonso Jonathan U.S. Marines
Craig Nathan Work
Cross Gabbi University of Delaware
Davis Catherine University of Delaware
Davis Rebecca Hollins University
Davis Zie’hearia Delaware Technical Community College
Daymeyer Delany Elizabethtown College
Days Warner Warner University
Dempster Zack Broward College
Dennison Kelsey Penn State
Deshields Akeem Undecided
Diaz Alicia Drexel University
DiLeonardo Taylor University of Delaware
Drass Justin Work/Becoming an entrepreneur
Earnest Emily Pace University
Eastburn Olivia University of Delaware
Edwards Taylor University of Massachutsetts
Ellerbe Isiah Delaware State University
Elsner Emily Wilmington University
Erle Kyle Undecided
Evans Jenny Deltech Seed to University of Delaware
Ferguson Tristan Palomar College
Fernsler Hannah Salisbury University
Ferriola Micheal University of Delware
Figueroa Thalia Delaware Technical Community College
Foster Sam University of Delaware to Deltech
Galvin III Robert Wilmington University
Garfield Jamar Wesley College
Gee Colton Wilmington University




University of Delaware

Villanova University

Geist Madeline Duquesne University
Getty Mary West Chester University
Godfrey Brad University of Delware
Godines-Bisoso Jorge Delware Technical Community College
Good Jonathon West Virginia University
Granston Brianna Widener University
Grenier David West Virginia University
Groves Charlotte West Chester University
Gysling Brianna University of Delaware
Hall Jacqueline Delaware Technical Community College
Hallett Greg Delaware Technical Community College
Haqq Malik Delware Technical Community College
Hicken Mindy Wilmington University
Huang Derui University of Delaware
Hudson Dajihir Arizona State University
Hunter Abigail University of Delware
Hunter Trevon Johnson and Wales University
Irons A’Lexus Neumann University
Jacobs Emily University of Delaware
Jang Sarah Virginia Tech
Jang Sally University of South Carolina
Jensen Samantha Grace University of Delaware
Jones Erick University of Delaware
Jones Eman U.S. Marines
Jones Alix Santa Monica University
Juarez Michelle Arcadia University
Kang Da Yeon University of Delaware
Kessler Haley University of New Haven
Khatri Divyesh University of Delaware
Kim John University of Delware
Kim Na Houng University of Delaware
Kinderman Ethan Brigham Young University
King Abby University of Delaware
Kozlowsk Katie Christopher Newport University
Krawczyk Danielle Coastal Carolina University
Kucharski Jake Wilmington University
Lamb Alayna University of Delaware
Landangoye Junior Wesley College
Lane A-Briah Delaware Technical Community College
Laskowski Sarah Undisclosed
Lawhorne Page Delaware Technical Community College
Li Diana University of Delaware
Livingston Savannah U.S. Navy
Looney Rachel University of Delaware
Lopez Lisbeth Hofstra University
Lopez Layla Delaware Technical Community College
Lozada Jr. Richard Work
Macha Aaron U.S. Marines
Maloney-Barnhill Jayson Delaware Technical Community College
Manniel Christal Rose Wilmington University
Martinez Jeny U.S. Army/ West Virginia
Martinez Abigail Delaware Technical Community College
Matylewicz Samuel University of Delaware
McCarley Timothy Ryan Delaware Technical Community College
McDaniel Tylor Trade School
McGarrity MaryKate Undecided
McLean Matt University of Delaware
McLean Robert University of Delaware
McNally Hannah Lynn Florida Atlantic University
Mellinger Shannon Northern Arizona University
Micheal Armaan J. Wentworth College
Migdol Ben Undisclosed
Mitchell Gabby Immaculata University
Moore Ashlyn Delaware State University
Moratin Ciliana Delaware Technical Community College
Mott Kyle Canterbury University
Mujeeb Ali University of Delaware
Mujib Ali University of Delaware
Myers Moses University of Delaware
Nam Eunice University of Massachutsetts
Neel Giovanna Coastal Carolina University
Oronzio IV Gabriel West Virginia University
Osfsky Reagan University of Vermont
Ostapechenko Max Champlain University
Owens Stephanie Bethune Cookman University
Peacock Erick Salisbury University
Peebles Frank Cabrini College
Perry Alycia University of Delaware
Peters Micheala Shilling Douglas University
Petit de Mange Jake University of Delaware
Pierson Drew Santa Monica College
Powell Edward Deltech Seed to University of Delaware
Press Jack Wilmington University
Prettyman Steven Gap Year
Pritchett Tamia Widener University
Racer Rebecca Wesley College
Rapko Nicholas Work
Rivera Ciomara Wilmington University
Roberts Sean University of Delaware
Roy Daironn Delaware Technical Community College
Sanders Anthony Delaware State University
Santiago Iveils Wilmington University
Seitzman Matthew Kutztown University
Shields Liz University of Delaware
Shockley Cody Delaware Technical Community College
Smith Jermaine Delaware Technical Community College
Smith Ariahnna Delaware Technical Community College
Snyder Katherine Ithaca College
Somerville Jacob Millersville University
Stevenson Jubilea Clark Atlanta University
Taylor Isabella Albright University
Traylor Niraha Wilmington University
Vandergrift Tommy University of Delaware
Vasquez Alejandro Rochester Institute of Technology
Wacksman Taylor University of Delaware
Walker Alissa Jacksonville State University
Ware Ashley University of Delaware
Warrington Haley Wilmington University
Waters Julia Spring Hill University
Watson Lamont Delware Valley University
Watts Jasmina Delaware Technical Community College
Westerberg Josh University of Delaware
White Colin Wilmington University
Wilkinson Laura Delaware Technical Community College
Williams Denise U.S. Navy
Wilson Ranay Delaware State University
Winslow Paul Delaware Technical Community College
Young Alex Delaware Technical Community College
 Zhang  Tim  University of Southern California


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Senior College/Plans