Students’ plans for this summer

Maya Wilson and Marissa Gunter

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Shishonah Posey, junior- “I just want to have fun this summer and hang with the crew.”

Zion Harris, junior- “I want to get a job and buy weave. “

Iytia Wynn, senior- “I’m going to work and be chilling since I’m graduating this year!”

Corey Schneilder, junior- “I don’t know, but I want to have fun for sure.”

LaKya Gale, junior- “I’m going to New York”

Kaila Gillis, sophomore- “I’m hopefully going to be working and turning up!”

Kaitlyn Diegorieous, sophomore- “I’m going to do me and have fun with my baby.”

Jake Freedman, freshman- “I’m going to Mexico to visit my Aunt Sally and Uncle James.”

Julianna Amato, junior- “I’m going to Florida.”

Aniyah Moore, senior- “Going to probably be working.”

Mallorie Gunter, junior- “I’m taking a trip to San Antonio Texas”

Jonathan Santiago, junior- “I just want to spend the summer at the beach.”

Lea Wagner, sophomore- “I’m going to play video games and memes.”

Jessica Bedolla, junior- “Hopefully visiting my family in Tennessee”

Danayja Campbell, junior- “I’m going to chill with friends and work to get that check”

Ashley Hannays, junior- “I’m going to praise the Lord and do his work and hang with my baby.”

Nirana Traylor, senior- “Working and having fun.”

Haylee Kesser, senior- “Getting ready to head to Italy for college.”

Eman Jones, senior- “Making this money!”

Jeny Martinez, senior- “HAWAII!”

Marvin Martinez, junior- “Getting a job.”


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Students’ plans for this summer