Roving reporter: Senior Issue

Morgan Bond, Staff Reporter

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Question: what senior do you look up to and why?


Jayla Purnell: “I look  up to Noah Agwu. He’s hard-working, dedicated, and always motivates others to do good. I also look up to Ethan Kinderman. He is always nice and is always there for you if you need him.”

Angelina Parrish: “Seniors I look up to are Liz Shields, Julia Lee, Gia Neel, and Elaine Jaffey. I look up to all of them because they are all motivated which really pushes me to strive for my best. They’re all so kind and sweet and really made my freshman year of high school a lot  easier. When I see them I feel at home at A.I.

Tori Blankenship: “The seniors I look up to are Mary Getty, Alicia Diaz, Julia Waters, Katherine Snyder, and Jenna Bessel. They all helped me through volleyball and swimming when I didn’t know anyone, and needed advice.

Abbie Wright: “The senior I look up to is Katie Kozlowski. Katie is an amazing captain for the soccer team. She is so nice and friendly to everyone. She knows exactly how to help everyone while improving their soccer skills. She is a really great leader and a nice friend.”


Kara Kasnic: “I look up to Kayla Golder, because she is always smiling and has a wonderful personality that really helps make my day.”

Kristen Spendio: “I look up to the seniors Ethan Kinderman, and Ashley Geist, because I feel like I can always talk to them and they’re always looking out for me. They are both super sweet and I love both of them.”

Thomas Godfrey: “I look up to Bradley Godfrey. I look up to him because he’s my big brother and has  forever treated me as one of the best friends I could ever have.”

Anonymous: “I look up to Michelle Juarez. She’s very nice, a hard worker, and has all her goals in mind and how she wants to achieve them.”

Emma Bachman: I look up to Samuel  Matylewicz because he works so hard all of the time. He gets great grades, has a job, and still manages to be the best person in the world.


Donovan Erskine: “I look up to Ethan Kinderman, Haley Chambers, Kelsey Dennison and Ashley Ware. They have made me feel welcomed in a friend group, and helped me become a better person. They mean so much to me.”

Megan Shockley: “I look up to Ashley Ware because she’s always loving and caring. I also look up to Kelsey Dennison and Haley Chambers because they work their butts off.”

Sarah Townsend: “I look up to Sam Matylewicz because he has no cares and continues to get all A’s.”

Jake Borns: “I look up to Haley Chambers and Tom Burton. Haley does a lot and Tom’s like a big brother to me.”

Bethany DeGrotto: Katie Kozlowski because she is hard working and always trying her best even when she’s losing. Also Mary Getty because she is my queen.”

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Roving reporter: Senior Issue