BuzzFeed beauty hacks: do they actually work?

These are just a few of the accessories used for the hacks which included mascara, eyeliner, and brushes.

These are just a few of the accessories used for the hacks which included mascara, eyeliner, and brushes.

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These are just a few of the accessories used for the hacks which included mascara, eyeliner, and brushes.

Adrianna Rodriguez, Staff Reporter

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Have you ever heard of BuzzFeed? Their videos are all over the internet and on Facebook especially. Now, there are different types of BuzzFeed videos. They have videos for cooking, DIY home projects and my favorite beauty hacks!!! But do you ever wonder if the beauty hacks work? Well I tried some of them and the results will blow your mind!

Starting off with specially makeup hacks. . . Buzzfeed said if you put eyeliner on your eyelash curler that you can curl your eyelashes and get your eyeliner on fleek at the same time! Well, let me tell you something that does not work at all! AT ALL! My eye was in pain! My eyelashes of course curled but my eyeliner on my top lid did not work at all. So be specific, the eyeliner on the eyelash curler didn’t even come off onto my eyelid. I was like oh my gosh!

On to the next hack, they say if you brought a foundation darker than your skin color then you can put white lotion in it and make it lighter. So for me NOT to mess my foundation up I put some in a bowl. Since they didn’t say a specific kind of lotion I grabbed two bowls and two lotions. One lotion was runny and one lotion was thick. I put one in one bowl and the other in the other bowl. Let me tell you something, it doesn’t work to start off with but, the foundation with the thick lotion worked amazingly. It didn’t change color at all, but it did make the foundation thick. I like thick foundation.

The last makeup hack, was to stick your mascara in your bra to get the most of it. I actually just tried that, and to be honest. . . IT ACTUALLY WORKS! I was surprised! I feel like it warmed the substance inside the mascara bottle to it won’t be clumpy and it won’t feel dry.  Also, since we’re on the topic, Buzzfeed had a picture on the website that said if you put your contact solution inside your dry, clumpy mascara it makes it wet but works at the same time. That surprising really works. I love both these hacks more than the first two, honestly.

Now, on to the next set of hacks, hair hacks. There is only a few hacks I actually got to try. They said that towels don’t work for your hair. They say that if you use an old tee shirt it absorbs the water in your hair more. MAYBE it works for others but not for me. Personally, I have thick hair. My hair absorbs water more than usual. So, if they towel barely absorbs hair for me then why would I put a tee shirt in my hair instead! The tee shirt was way too wet. Literally, wet so much that I was like let me wash this because, uh, no!

The next hair hack is kind of difficult to explain. They say to part your hair, then put the bottom part in a ponytail and the top part also. Well, if you want to look dumb, then you can go ahead right along and get your hair like that. My recommendation is that you NOT do it. It actually does not work. I really wanted it to work too. This hack hurts if you don’t part your hair correctly.

Now, the last hair hack I seen actually has a name “No shower, Wash your hair in the sink, It’s so much better.” Uh, no! Unless you want to like literally smell nasty. Your hair obviously absorbs grease and oil particles. So, of course, you have to wash your hair to keep up with your hygiene. But, you also have to wash your body; C’mon! Don’t be nasty, now!

The beauty and hair hacks Buzzfeed videos said that the hacks work but the results I got barely worked. Mmm, false advertising maybe? I think!

But, don’t think that that’s all. There are many other ones that possibly do work. They have others like raw eggs to make your hair soft, mayonnaise in your hair, and also putting mascara on your eyebrows. So, why don’t you go out there and try some? I’d love to see the results!

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BuzzFeed beauty hacks: do they actually work?