Battle of the Burgers

Reporter Morgan Bond tasted burgers from four restaurants in order to find the the tastiest.

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Reporter Morgan Bond tasted burgers from four restaurants in order to find the the tastiest.

Morgan Bond, Staff Reporter

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As a burger fanatic, I was pretty excited when I found that I could eat my favorite food and write about it. So, I set out on a mission to find the best burger. The following burgers are judged on presentation and, of course, taste.

I just want to start this off by saying that I prefer burgers with sauce, and all the burgers will have onions, even if that means I have to ask to have them put on the burger. Also, I do not eat a lot. For example I get full off of two slices of pizza.

The first burger I tried was a Texas Melt from Hooters. The burger is made with Texas Toast, caramelized onions, cheddar cheese, bacon, and Daytona sauce. When the burger finally made it to my table it was a little bigger than expected (I could only eat half). The burger patty took up most of the Texas Toast which was good because there wasn’t a lot of extra bread. And the Daytona sauce gave the burger a little spicy kick that went along perfectly with the cheesy bacon combination. Without an order of fries I was full, and satisfied.

Grade: taste-A                       Presentation-A

The next burger I tried was the Grilled Onion Cheddar Burger from McDonald’s. It is made of cheddar and onions on a beef burger patty. This burger is great if you’re looking for something cheap to hold you over until your next meal. The burger is fairly small (I ate two). And the cheese had hard edges that I had to tear off. The burger was also very dry because there was no sauce on it, so I added ketchup. As for presentation, the only thing you can really see is the bun and the cheese’s hard edges. The burger is so small and thin you cannot see it from any angle.

Grade: taste-D                       Presentation-F

The third burger I tried was from Bowlerama in New Castle. The burger is called a “The New Castle Burger” and it is made with Thousand Island dressing, bacon, cheddar, and onions. The first thing I noticed about the burger is that the bun was big, and that resulted in a lot of bread. Besides the large amount of bread on the burger the taste was good. Cheddar and onions always go good together, and the Thousand Island gives the burger some moisture and a little extra taste for your taste buds to enjoy. The size of the burger was enough to fill me up, and I ate the whole thing. Let me warn you that this burger was a little messy which is something I love. There was juice from the burger, thousand island dressing, and onions trying to escape from my grasp on the burger bun. Luckily, not a lot of it did, but it was delicious.

Grade:  taste-A          Presentation- C

Burger #4 was a build your own burger from Five Guys. The burger I created had mayo, cheddar cheese, bacon, grilled onions, lettuce, A1 sauce, and ketchup. The burger was delivered covered in foil and when I got it in my hand I opened it like a kid opening a present on Christmas day. It looked like a burger from the commercials on TV. The burger was super saucy  due to all the sauce I ordered) and onions and lettuce were sliding out of the burger  and I had to grip it tightly to hold everything in. The bun was a little soggy too, but it was perfectly soggy if that’s possible. Overall this burger was delicious.

Grade:            Taste-A           Presentation-A

Almost all the burgers I tasted were delicious. For the final conclusion the best burger was (drum roll…..) The Texas Melt from Hooters! I liked the five guys burger the most, but I did not think it was fair to crown a burger I created with all the things I like on it. The Texas Melt was the perfect combination of spicy and savory and the cheese was the perfect mild spot. So, congrats to The Texas Melt  for being crowned best burger by me!

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Battle of the Burgers