Roving Reporter January 2016

Esmeralda Lara, Staff Reporter

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With the New Year beginning, people seem to have faith that this year will be different. This month’s Roving Reporter wanted to know some of the changes people would like to make. I asked about their New Year’s Resolutions.

A.I Staff: 

Mrs. Hochstuhl – Eat smaller portions of baked potatoes

Mr. Tagle – Be a better person than I was last year


Lizzie DeBrabander: Work on Writing a Novel

Yasir Santos: Get good grades

Jayla Purnell: To not let people get to me

Molly O’Malia: To keep my self-organized

Brooklyn Hite: Get better at drawing

Tori Blankenship: Wear clothes other than sweatpants

Marissa Smith: Watch what I eat

Jacob Smith: Get more hoodies

Dina Dawood: Make the Varsity Soccer team

Allie Garcia: Drink More Water

Abbie Wright: Eat healthier, exercise, and be happy.

Gia Relly: Be less mean to myself.

Alexandra Cahall: Be in a figure skating competition.

Angelina Parrish: Stay fabulous


Sunny Lopez: Graduate, go to nursing school

Elon Jeffcoat: Not be so argumentative

Maryland Carrera: Stop over thinking things

Moises Diaz:  Make more money

Angel Juarez: Do something with my life

John Cook: Keep doing what I was doing last year

Eliso Garcia: Work out

Jennifer Flores: Become a better person

Lizbeth Sandoval: Keep my grades up.

Guadalupe: Try Taco Bell

Andrea Bouvier: Go to France

Maggie Nelson: Stop being rude

Jessica Gerber: Be as nice as I can be

Sophie Tatman: Stop procrastinating

Jordan – Wear darker colors

Marissa Ledesma – Work out more

Jennifer Carbajal – Get a new car

Stephanie Evans – Dye my hair black

Imani Martin – Make this year better

Shanelle Cephas – Focus more in school


Stephen Bairstow – Get a job

Karol – Get better at basketball

Hope Murphy – Get good grades

Collin Coyne – Swim more

Nick Blankenship – sleep more


Da King – Go to College

David Krall – Spend less money on food

Raynay Wilson – Stop procrastinating

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  1. Mr. Sinigaglio on November 28th, 2016 8:02 am

    Hello, I am the Choir Director at Penns Grove High School in New Jersey. I am trying to reach Shanelle Cephas, because she left her mint green wallet at our school last year and we have been unable to contact her. Could you help? You can email me at [email protected]


    Mr. Sinigaglio
    Penns Grove High School

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Roving Reporter January 2016