Roving Reporter January 2016

Abbie Hunter, Co-Editor in Chief

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Once again, this reporter is roving around the school, looking for answers to the most serious questions around. And this one! This month, I asked: “If you could change one thing you did in 2015, what would it be?”

A.I. Staff:

Suzanne Smith, librarian: “I would have eaten more plants.”

Kate Sibbalucca, wellness center: “I would maintain my habit of healthy eating instead of starting and stopping.”

David Byers: “I would not have gone for a bike ride on August 12, 2015.”

Rich Weaver, band director: “I would have stayed in Hawaii longer than 2 weeks.”

Martin Cresci, assistant principal: “I needed to work on my sock game.”

Christine Wallace, Spanish teacher: “I don’t think I would have changed my desks around.”

Tom Hogan, social studies teacher: “I would have taken care of myself.”

Matthew Phelps: “I let my hair grow a full centimeter. It wasn’t pretty.”

Steven Schmidt: “I would read more.”

Susan Vargo: “Manage my finances better.”


Haley Brickley: “I would spend more time working on myself instead of playing sports and never being home.”

Annie Hake: “I would change the people I hung out with.”

Dina Dawood: “Failing my Charter test on purpose.”

Alexandra Cahall: “Not putting down Conrad as my first choice.”

Brooklyn Hite: “Letting Mr. Block take my poster.”

Angelina Parrish: “Working harder.”

Elizabeth Debravender: “I probably wouldn’t have procrastinated on my journalism assignments.”

Alexandra Garcia: “I didn’t take enough pictures.”

Tori Blankenship: “I would do more stuff.”

Jayla Purnell: “I would work on my attitude and not let people take advantage of me.”

Gia Reilly: “Not let people get to me.”

Anjali Das: “How much I procrastinated.”

Jacob Smith: “Work out more.”

Chad Jones: “How much I procrastinated.”

Emani Matthews: “I would have been more independent.”

Ava Damiani: “I would have turned in work more.”


Maggie Nelsen: “I would not have gone out with someone because I felt bad for them.”

Andrew Montgomery: “Pay attention more.”

Julien Hunt: “Do more homework.”

Thomas Coughlin: “I’d study more.”

Leslie Guzman: “The people I was friends with.”

Marissa Ledesma: “Focus more on school.”


Donavon Erskine: “I wouldn’t change anything.”

Shisonnah Posey: “I would pay more attention so I could get better grades.”

Quazire Jones: “I would have made better grades.”

Lia O’Brien: “I would’ve been more productive.”

Tyler Eddy: “How hard I worked.”

Samantha Trimble: “I would try harder in math.”

Brooke Taylor: “I wish I didn’t join the swim team.”

Sydney Knotts: “The people I met.”

Dominique Flynn: “Procrastination.”

Alexis Archbald: “I would be less petty.”

Akaki Nozadze: “Wouldn’t change a thing.”

Jacob Pierce: “I would not have signed up for CAD III.”

Patricia Alimagno: “Actually studying for tests.”

Ka Jie Li: “I wouldn’t have smoked cigarettes.”

Connor Doughtery: “Gotten better grades.”

Sammy Kane: “Procrastinate less.”

Raymond Thomas: “I would learn how to manage my time more.”

Alicia Chen: “I would spend my time wiser.”

Kayla McCusker: “I would try and be nicer.”

Zoe Cavender: “I would have saved my money.”

Mychael Torres: “I would change my attitude towards people.”


Niraha Traylor: “I would change my mindset about my attitude and my schoolwork.”

Alayna Lamb: “I would’ve started lifting earlier.”

Delaney Dammeyer: “I totally should have jumped into that secret bathhouse I found in that castle in Germany.”

Jordan Washam: “I wouldn’ve went out with another girl and not given up so easily.”

Jennifer Martinez: “My grades.”

Elaine Jaffey: “I would change EVERYTHING.”

Haley Kessler: “I would go back to Turkey before winter break.”

Nanya Dantley: “Coming to A.I High School.”

Denise Williams: “The way I loved the love of my life.”

Haley Chambers: “I had a good time in 2015. I wouldn’t change anything.”

Nassir Haqq: “Al the drama I was involved in.”

Thalia Figuroa: “Spending more time with my cousin.”

Tiger Pause Staff:

Rachel Evans, senior: “I wouldn’t procrastinate.”

Emily Jacobs, senior: “Deciding to take 5 AP classes.”

Sam Bouvier, junior: “Nothing. I don’t do regret.”

Rebecca Davis, senior: “I didn’t take over the world last year.”

Justin Drass, senior: “Legally living in PA.”

Rachael Davis, sophomore: “I wouldn’t have started talking to certain people.”

Victoria Kohl, advisor: “Nothing. I’m pretty satisfied.”

Cooper Tatman, junior: “I wouldn’t have gotten a concussion.”

Angelica Casey, junior: “I would have drawn more.”

Simone A. Scott, sophomore: “I would pay more attention to people around me.”

Esmerelda Lara Vega, sophomore: “I would have spent my money wiser.”

Liz Shields, senior: “I would have stressed less.”

Mary Getty, senior: “Waiting until the week before college deadlines were due.”

Ethan Kinderman, senior: I wish I lived in the moment.”

And of course, I need to answer my own question, so…..

I would have embraced my awesomeness more.

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Roving Reporter January 2016