Roving Reporter December 2015 Part 2

Justin Drass, Staff Reporter

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With the new Star Wars movie coming up this December 18th, I was curious on who people were most excited to see in the movie or sad to miss from the pass movies. I went around and asked as many people as I could whom their favorite Star Wars character was. The list varied quite a bit.

Richard Lazda – Qui-gon jinn
Carol Grimms – Darth Maul
Joe Davis –Jar Jar Binks
Daniel Gorbey – Yoda
Nicole Wieland – Chewy
Ben Davis – Obi – Wan
Ann Drass – Darth Vader
Justin Drass – Boba Fett
Abby Semple – Han Solo
Tali Gorbey – Anakin Skywalker
Jessie Davis – C-3P0
Rich Davis – Anakin Skywalker
Mark Barnes – Obi-wan
Milan Winters – R2-D2
Jenny Hodge – Darth Sidious
Jared Drass – Mace Windu
Cory Wayne – Luke Skywalker
Harry Drass – Chewy
Sammi Gorbey – Princess Leia
John Gregg – That fat rebel

Star Wars is one of the most well knew movie franchises in the world. That being said I’m not surprised on how much the list varied, throughout all six of the movie there is an abundant amount of characters in the series.

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Roving Reporter December 2015 Part 2