Roving Reporter December 2015

Ethan Kinderman, Photo Editor/Layout Editor/Researcher

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If you had to kiss anyone under the mistletoe who would it be?


  • Olivia Eastburn: “Zac Efron.”
  • Kelsey Dennison: “Adam Levine.”
  • Taylor Wacksman: “Nick Jonas.”
  • Haley Chambers: “Chris Evans.”
  • Emily Elser: “Robert Downey Jr.”
  • Derek Haung: “The band fronts, specifically the twirlers.”
  • Maddie Geist: “Kris Bryant.”
  • Gabby Cross: “Ruby Rose.”
  • Delaney Dammeyer: “Lupita N’yongo.”
  • Jenna Bessel: “Mark Sloane.”
  • Tom Burton: “Mary Getty.”
  • Nai Kim: “Dave Franco.”
  • Erick Jones: “Emily Jacobs.”
  • Sam Bachman: “Jake Petit de Mange.”
  • Jake Petit de Mange: “Sam Bachman.”
  • Hannah McNally: “Zac Efron.”
  • Ashley Ware: “Chris Evans.”
  • Eric Peacock: “Emma Stone.”
  • Regan Osofsky: “Levi Fuzzypants, Emily Jacobs cat.”
  • Kayla Golder: “Bradley Cooper.”
  • Hannah Fernsler: “Liam Hemsworth.”
  • Ashley Geist: “Anthony Rizzo.”
  • Taylor DiLeonardo: “Joe Manganiello.”
  • Max Ostapchenko: “Andi Bernens.”
  • Alayna Lamb: “My boyfriend, duh.”
  • Sami Jensen: “Harry Styles.”
  • Sam Foster: “A girl I care a lot about and who cares a lot about me.”
  • Edward Powell: “Julius Caesar.”


  • Sarah Townsend: “Chris Evans.”
  • Donovan Erskine: “God.”
  • Megan Shockley: “Eric Christian Olsen.”
  • Claire Shipley: “Cam Newton.”
  • Stephanie Baker: “Chad Michael Murray”
  • Sydney Macdonald: “My dog.”
  • Bridget Hallett: “Brody Jenner.”
  • Hailey McCloskey: “Blake Shelton.”
  • Connor Dougherty: “J.K. Rowling.”
  • Bryce Michels: “Theo James.”
  • Kayla McCusker: “Kayla McCusker.”
  • Kerry Galloway: “The Pope.”
  • Dani Zimmerman: “My boyfriend.”
  • Marykate Baker: “Tom Hiddleston.”
  • Maiche Word: “Grayson Dolan.”
  • Zoe Cavender: “@Dont_call_me_steve on Instagram.”
  • Jake Borns: “Nicky Jam.”
  • Shishonah Posey: “PnB Rock.”


  • Kristen Spendio: “Luke Cummings.”
  • John DiCaro, ‘Lil John’: “Emma Stone.”
  • Abbi Merrit: “Logan Lerman.”
  • Alexa Dimiris: “Harry Styles.”
  • Shannon Word: “Louis Tomlinson.”
  • Tracey Watts: “Dave Franco.”
  • Leanne Townsend: “Logan Lerman.”
  • Lindsay Reynolds: “Keaton Stromberg.”
  • Nick Vouras: “Christen Press.”
  • Kara Kasnic: “Chad Michael Murry.”
  • Courtlyn Witte: “Miles Teller.”
  • Olivia Amadee: “Michael B. Jordan.”
  • Luke Marshall: “Kyle Peterson’s mom.”
  • Cole Mahoney: “Miley Cyrus.”
  • Hevyn Demello: “Kyle Mayo.”
  • Danielle Johnson: “Dylan O’Brien.”
  • Keyla Q: “Cristiano Ronaldo.”
  • Iyana Cain: “I would kiss Bradley Cooper starring in them icy blue eyes and just kissing them soft lips.”
  • Emma Bachman: “Samuel Peck Matylewicz.”
  • Kevin Gentz: “Emma Watson.”
  • Thomas Godfrey: “Jaina Lee Ortiz.”


  • Jayla Purnell: “Drake.”
  • Abbie Wright: “Cameron Dallas.”
  • Marissa Smith: “Shawn Mendes.”
  • EJ Mitchell: “Nicki Minaj.”
  • Gia Reilly: “Lucas Coly.”
  • Molly Omalia: “Justin Bieber.”
  • Angelica Parish: “Luke Bryant.”
  • Victoria Blankenship: “Niall Horn.”
  • Alexandra Cahall: “Poot Lovato.”
  • Dina Dawood: “Nick Bateman.”

A.I. duPont Staff:

  • Chris Meanor, Physics teacher: “My first is my wife. My second would be Katy Perry.”
  • Suzanne Smith, Librarian: “Liam Neeson.”
  • Jennifer Hotchsul, English teacher: “Idris Alba.”
  • Christine Wallace, Spanish teacher: “Wayne Marston.”
  • Donna Wirt, Office Secretary: “David Beckham.”
  • Lee Raymond, Assistant Principal: “Santa Claus, I’ve been married to him for 37 years.”
  • Richard Weaver, Band Director: “Jennifer Aniston.”
  • Corporal Lafferty, Police officer: “My wife.”
  • Martin Cresci, Assistant Principal: “No Comment. I was going to say something smart, but I’ll keep my professionalism.”

Tiger Pause Staff:

  • Victoria Kohl, Advisor: “My husband.”
  • Mary Getty, senior, Editor-In-Chief: “My brother, Jake Getty.”
  • Abbie Hunter, senior, Opinions Editor and Co-Editor-In-Chief: “John Green.”
  • Ethan Kinderman, Photo Editor, Layout Editor, and Researcher: “Lexie Grey.”
  • Rachel Evans, senior, Political Columnist: “Harry Styles… to fulfill my middle school dream.”
  • Katie Kozlowski, senior, Sports Editor: “Tyler Posey.”
  • Elizabeth Shields, senior, News Editor: “Zac Efron.”
  • Sam Bouvier, junior, Features Editor: “Rebecca Davis.”
  • Rebecca Davis, senior, Buisness Manager: “Sam Bouvier.”
  • Rachel Widom, junior, Staff Reporter: “Fetty Wap.”
  • Emily Jacobs, senior, Staff Reporter: “Evan Peters.”
  • Rachael Davis, sophomore, Staff Reporter: “My best friend.:”
  • Esmeralda Lara, sophomore, Staff Reporter: “Ethan Kinderman.”
  • Simone Scott, sophomore, Staff Reporter: “Chris Evans.”
  • Bee Bowen, senior, Staff Reporter: “Han Solo.”
  • Adrianna Rodriguez, junior, Staff Reporter: “My boyfriend.”
  • Morgan Bond, sophomore: “skinny Elvis Presley or Johnny Depp.”
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Roving Reporter December 2015